Did you know that weed control does not mean removing all weeds?

In the fields, in the public gardens, certainly your own private garden, there are weeds for Africa. The horticultural convention remains that most of these must be removed. But not all of them. In lakes, dams and certainly polluted rivers, and even in your own little garden pond, there are the aquatic equivalents of your common or garden but must go weeds. But not all of them. Did you know that effective horticultural weed control and aquatic weed control does not entail the permanent removal of all weeds.

Did you know that there are your good weeds amongst all the bad ones? Certainly, most invasive species just have to go. They are a blight on the local land and marine environment. They are also quite destructive in destroying other flora from the land and marine scapes. Indeed, they have to go. Most of the time, custodians of your gardens and rivers are able to pull this off. They are able to remove all undesirables from the roots up.

But by the time the next spring season arrives, and in many cases even sooner, these weeds have sprouted once more. It is very difficult for the layman to stem the tide of seeds that continue to drop to the ground during the weed removal. It requires professional input. That is certainly the case where aquatic weed control is concerned. Marine plant experts are also able to help you contain the water’s algae content.

aquatic weed control

It needs to go too, otherwise it stifles all life beneath the surface of the water. But then there are your good weeds. They can stay. They encourage growth of other plant species and life forms. If you do not believe this, just ask the bees.