Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber

Do you need a plumber right now? Sometimes plumbing problems are so severe that there is no time to wait to make an appointment. If you have such an issue, you’ll need an emergency plumber. This 24 hour plumber atlanta ga is there no matter what time is on the clock or the day of the week. They’re available to handle any issues that wreak havoc at your home and can do so in a short amount of time. What are the signs that you need an emergency plumber to respond to your needs? There are endless signs that indicate the need to hire this professional, including those reasons listed below.

1.    Busted Hot Water Heater: The hot water heater contains several hundred gallons of water so if it burst, there’s no time to wait to call a professional. It doesn’t take long at all for this water to fill your home where major damage may occur.

2.    Backflow: Septic backflow occurs when wastewater comes back into the home through the pipes in the sink or tub.  Usually there are bad horrible odors accompanying the backflow, but the simple sight alone soul urge you to make the call.

3.    Bad Odors: If you notice hideous odors, it is time to pick up the phone, especially if you gas-like odors coming from the pipes. This is a sign of trouble and a professional is needed to address the situation. Mechanisms within the plumbing system designed to prevent thee odors may have worn out and need replacing to stop the smells.

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4.    Leaks: Even a small leak in the plumbing system and the pipes is a big problem that may cause mold and mildew growth, damaged pipes and floors, and expensive water bills you incur every month. When the leak is large and prominent, it is an even more critical situation.